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Images of funny dogs with “enraged” face the whole world

Recently on social networking sites emerged images of very funny dogs, with difficult expressions. In particular, a dog with a “sulking” face the whole world stormed on Instagram. This dog named Anuko from the midlands of England.

To be famous on Instagram you have to be an actor, a singer or you do something unique. And this Anuko dog, just one eye has become famous. Anuko is only 2 years older and raised by Mistress Jasmine. This is a Siberian Husky dog. This dog has accompanied her owner for many years and helped her overcome illness. Later, Jasmine created an account to upload photos of her pet dog.

Shortly thereafter, this account quickly received 2000 followers. And not long after that, these photos attracted a lot of attention from reporters and newspapers. The dog started modeling for websites and helped his owner earn over $ 20,000.

When looking at the image, it seems to be grumpy. But the dog is very friendly and lovely. Because he has the characteristics of a silly and super friendly Husky. Sharp eyes like knives, has made a name for this cute dog.

Pictures of adorable dogs and one of the most beautiful dogs in the world

And here is the image of the Japanese dog, one of the most beautiful dog images in the world.


Pictures of beautiful and funny dogs

And this is a picture of an extremely cute and funny dog. Poodle dog, also known as a duck hunting dog. The meaning of their name Poodle comes from the German word Pudel, which means diver or water dog. He has a long, curly coat with all sorts of colors. Which is black, blue, blue, coffee milk, ..












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