How to Activate Windows 11 for Free: 3 Best Ways

Windows 11 is one of Microsoft’s most downloaded operating systems. Normally after downloading this operating system, you have to activate, activate or crack win 11 to use full functionality. So how to Active Windows 11? Today, Blogchoi will help you do just that!

What is Active or Crack Win 11?

Active Windows 11 is simply activating full functionality after the Windows 11 operating system has downloaded. In other words, this is the crack process to unlock with Product Key codes when Windows 11 expires, or just downloaded for the first time.

Users need Active Windows 11 to unlock full functionality

Active activation of Windows 11 versions

Without Active Windows 11, your computer is often limited to a few functions. Such as:

  • The right corner of the screen always appears at the word Activate Windows, and regularly sends activation requests.
  • In the settings section, there is always a message that Windows isn’t active. The message says that the version of Windows 11 you are using has not been activated and needs to be activated immediately.
  • The computer has not activated Windows 11 when it does not support the function of wallpapering, changing colors, locking the screen, .. In general, most of the options related to Personalization are limited.
  • Some Microsoft developer updates are limited to devices that do not have Windows 11 activated.
  • An application in the Microsoft Store store is temporarily locked, restricted access If the computer you are using is still not Active.

Notes to know before Active Win 11

During the Active Windows 11 process, you should use the Product Key set provided by Microsoft developers. Because if you use a pirated Product Key on the internet, your computer will be very susceptible to malicious code. The risk of information leakage on the device is very great. Not only that, the computer sometimes runs slow, unstable operation.

If Active Windows 10 with some software, you should disable firewall and anti-virus software
If Active Windows 11 with some software, you should disable firewall and anti-virus software

So after the expiration of the Windows 10 trial, you should Active immediately so as not to affect the use process. In addition, when you realize that the version of Windows you are using has expired, you should also update and Active as soon as possible.

In case you use the tool to Active Windows 10, you need to download the tool to your computer. However, before that, you should turn off your firewall and anti-virus software. In case the file has been downloaded but cannot be decompressed, you need to check the decompression software again.

Normally, after only 90 days of using the free trial version, Microsoft will ask users to Active Windows 11. If the right corner of the screen appears the words “Activate Windows Go to Setting to activate Windows” means you need to click Activate Windows to access full features.

Instructions on how to Active Crack Win 11 pro forever 100% success

There are many ways to use Windows 11 computers. In the framework of this article, we would like to send you the simplest Active WIN 11 method, ensuring a high success rate. So let’s pay attention to the instructions for Active WIN 11 below.

Method 1: Crack Win 11 pro with KMSpico: 1000% success

How to Active Windows 11 with KMSpico is also quite simple. KMSpico software has a light capacity that does not consume machine resources, right after activation, you can also delete it immediately.

Step 1: Download the quality KMSpico software to your computer.

Link to download KMSpico full crack Win 11 and latest Office HERE | Backup link

Note: You need to disable Windows Security or anti-virus software first if available

Notice: Google Drive link is super fast and completely normal, if you get an error Sorry, you can’t view or download this file right now, it’s because you are opening an incognito browser or your browser is not signed in to Google Drive or Google services.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded software file.

Step 3: Access the file “kmspico_setup.exe”, then click to launch the file.

Step 4: The file is finished running when the file extension changes to exe. Now, open the software and double click on the red button. At this point, you have successfully activated Windows 11.


Method 2: Manually Active Win 11 with License Key

Active Windows 11 manually with the license KEY is the simplest way, no need to do it through middleware. If the correct KEY is entered, the Windows 11 operating system on the running computer will immediately be fully functional.

Step 1: Access the Start Menu, select the settings item to proceed to open the settings interface.


Step 2: In the setting working interface, select Update & Security.


Step 3: Select the Active item on the left and choose to change the Change Product Key activation code.

Step 4: In the Enter a product key window, you need to enter the new WIN 10 license key and click Next. When the system receives the Key Active WIN 10, the activator will start automatically.



The above article has just introduced 2 ways to Active Windows 11. It is easy to see that it is not difficult to activate Windows 11. Hope this guide can help you monitor the status of successful Windows and Active activation when necessary.



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